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OLPC XO-4のこと(続き)

XO-4 is designed around the Marvell PXA2128 system on a chip.

  • CPU: dual Marvell PJ4 ARM cores;
    • CPU clock speed: 1 GHz (superscalar and out-of-order instruction execution);
    • ARM instruction set compatible (including Thumb-2 and Wireless MMX2);
    • ARMv7 architecture compatible;
    • 32 KB L1 I-cache and 32 KB L1 D-cache per processor, shared 512KB L2 cache;
  • The PXA2128 includes hardware video encode/decode, a GC2000 3D graphics engine, display controller, USB, SDIO, and other system interface and management functions
  • DRAM memory: 1GB or 2GB DDR3 dynamic RAM;
  • Mass storage: 4 GiB or 8GiB NAND flash in an eMMC device soldered to the motherboard.
    • an internal microSD card slot for repair/replacement -- requires installing the microSD slot;
    • externally accessible full-size SD card slot;
    • No rotating media.